Saturday, July 10, 2010

Lemonade in the Shade

From the Geezer Team: Marcia at the neighborhood Lemon Ade stand. Kudo's to Barb for spotting them while on the way to a wedding. Phil was the photographer. Too bad the house wasn't purple. Found at 4th and Progress in Spokane Valley, Washington.

Greenacres is the place to be....

team: M&N
team member: Nancy
location:  Greenacres, WA

We parked outside a used car lot and a salesman came out to see if we were interested in the Corvette, so we explained what we were doing and he said "oh, the customer that just left had a cast on his arm" - shoot, a few minutes too late!  The Corvette was nice... 40,000 on an '89 and a pretty blue!

South Hill Ice Cream

team: Nancy & Mark
Location: South Hill, just a couple blocks from Manito Park - Spokane, WA
team members: Nancy and look, Mark's reflection is in the window!

We went on a sight-seeing tour with Barb and Nick. On our walk through the cool houses in the neighborhood back to the car sharp ears Barb heard the ice cream truck music.  We walked a few blocks for that orange bar!  Too bad the guy isn't smiling with his (lack of) teeth showing!  He wouldn't get too far and a band of kids would run out... it was about 80+ degrees!

Oregon Waterfall

Team: Nancy and Mark
Team Member: Mark
Location: Historic Columbia River Hiway, Oregon

Here's Mark hanging out at the base of Latourrell Falls - you could really feel the power of the water here and the spray!  We had hoped to get photos at Multnomah Falls, but you wouldn't believe the crowds there!  We did see some verrrrrrrrry interesting people there however!  Raise your hand if you've ever hiked in 4" platform sandals and a skirt with leggings!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Handsome Waterfall!!!

Team: Geezer
Team member: Nick
Here we have Nick overlooking the falls in downton Spokane. (picture also taken on a footbridge!)

4 flags on the 4th!

Team Geezer:
Team Member: Barb

4th of July at Loon Lake, WA. Barb with the host of the celebration, Don Myers. We imposed upon his American Flag Shirt to fulfill the requirements.

Nick rides a scary Roller Coaster

Team Phil Marcia Barb Nick & Melissa
Nick tries his luck on the Dragon Coaster at River Front Park, Spokane, WA 7-6-10
Dave & Cathy may remember the ride little Michael took on this, but they had to stop the ride cuz he was too scared. :) AWWW.

Church Bell

Team member: Dana
Location: St. Anthony's Catholic Church, Reedley, Ca
I know you guys are probably thinking "get out of Reedley already", but its proving to be quite the gold mine for scavenger hunt pictures :)
Theres a lot of churches in Reedley, but this is the only one with a visible bell, and it still rings each hour. And like I said "like mother like daughter" same pose, but I dont look like an ant ;)

An Arm with a Cast

Team Member: Erin Mahaffie
Location: Santana Row, San Jose, California

Derrek and I were going to dinner at Roux and we walked by this guy with the cast!!! He was very stoked about helping us with this picture!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Glass Elevator

We were at Bass Pro Shop and had to take a ride on the 4th of July.

Church with a visible bell

4 or more flags

Unmarked Water Tower

Foot Bridge

Team: Nancy & Mark
Location: Latourrell Falls  Corbet, OR
Team Member: Nancy

Along the Historic Columbia River Gorge there are a lot of very cool waterfalls, bridges and hikes.  This was the first waterfall we hiked to and was our favorite.  You could feel the spray from the foot bridge.  It was a day that started off raining - Portland, who'd a thunk?  You can tell it was a wet day by the way it frizzed my hair!

Bell Tower

Team: Nancy & Mark
Location: Post Falls, Idaho
Team member in photo: Nancy

Spotted off I-90 on our way into Coeur d'Alene, Mark had the good eyes!  On our way home Barb made an "illegal" u-turn to get us back on a frontage road to start looking for the church.  We used the new Droid phone for navigation and with a few missed turns we found it!  

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Purple House

Team member: Dana
Location: Reedley (Eastside), Ca
I knew there was a purple house on the eastside, I drive around it 10 hours a day, 4 days a week every week...but it took me 30 minutes to hunt it down at work one day. I found everything else, bright pink, bright green, bright blue...and then when I had almost given up hope, I remembered where it was! Bet you thought it'd be a tough one to find!

we all scream for ice cream

Team Member: Michael
Location: Parking lot of My Eye Media, Burbank CA.

As charming the name of this ice cream truck, i don't know how trusting it is...

Monday, July 5, 2010

Great Start

We sure are excited about the pictures so far. Great first week. It will be so fun to see pictures along the way, so go ahead and post them as you go. Great stories are going along with the pictures too. We have been carrying around our camera, but keep forgetting what's on the list (and we made it up!). Keep "hunting".

p.s. we moved the list to the footer so the pictures and stories can be seen better.


Team member: Dana
Location: Ofc. Javier Bejar's gravesite, Reedley Cemetery, Reedley, Ca
Background on this pic...Ofc. Bejar worked for the Reedley Police Department and was killed while responding to an "officer down" call from the Fresno Co. Sheriff's Department on Feb 25, 2010. He served with the US Marie Corps., and was an Iraqi Freedom veteran, he was 28. I was blessed to have worked with him for 5 years, and to have called him a friend.

Anyway, this was the military section of the cemetery on The 4th of July.

Ice Cream Truck

Team member: Dana
Location: Reedley, Ca
This guy definitely thought me and Chris were crazy when we told him to give us a thumbs up for a picture, spent $2.00 for this picture and only ate half the ice cream!