Saturday, August 6, 2011

Will it go 'round in circles...

team: Young
member: Nancy
location: Santa Clara County Fair (fair... not great anymore)

There wasn't much to see at the Fair this time around, it's called a Junior Fair and is mostly for 4-H kids to show their stuff.  Westmont's FFA group had a good showing and one of their steers was the big winner!  I guess that means it will command high dollar for whom ever wants to buy it for meat.  There were cute bunnies, goats, chickens, ugly turkeys and a huge cat to be seen. And apparently there was a Tye-dye t-shirt category too!

bus stop, bus goes, she stays, love grows

team: Young
member: Nancy (not a Smurf)
location: Bascom Avenue

On his way to retreive overdue payment from a contractor, Mark spotted the elusive movie ad at a bus stop! We tried to get it a photo later that day, but alas there were many riders waiting in the queue so it was not a good photo op.  Up early Saturday morning for breakfast at the Hickory Pit, we spotted our chance to get the bus stop all to ourselves!

I'm sure if you start singing the song, you'll remember it - if not check out the Hollies here.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Mailman, bring me no more blues

team: Young
member: Chris
Location: Virginia Avenue, Campbell... just around the corner from the Judges house ;-)

Mark was out making a job check the other day and spotted this RED mailbox!  So today we were able to swing by at lunch time and catch a photo of it! 

Current count

Here's the count so far. Let me know if I missed any.
Team Kingsland 5
Team Manteca. 7
Team Young. 10
Team Spokane. 16
Team Moore MH. 3
Team DWTNSJ. 8
Team Fresno. 13
Team LA. 4
(Team unofficial). 3

Happy Hunting

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pick a Pic.....there's a few to choose

Team: Moore
Locations: Morgan Hill Library, and Downtown Gilroy
Members: Kaylyn, Leisa and Gloria

MH Lib

"The Handshake"

Bears OH MY!!

Team: Moore
Pictured: Gloria, Leisa and Kaylyn
Location: Gilroy in route to Gizditch Farms in Watsonville to pic Berries.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ford Tough

Ah, finally a parked Ford flat bed truck that we didn't have to risk our lives to snap! We were on our way home from a musical play in Monterey, CA where it's 64 degrees and dropping.
Team Manteca 7-31-11

No Tell Motel

Team Fresno
Team Member: Chris B.
Location: Selma, Ca

This motel is located across the street from a flea market that goes on EVERY Sunday. Its also conveniently located just off highway 99 in case youre in the area and would like to stay the night. Pretty sure we were the only white people in the vicinity. The sign says it has a "swim pool", however, its been filled with dirt. I also found a room that has a vacuum in it, so someone attempted to clean it at some point.

A Holy Rainbow

Team Fresno
Team Member: Chris B.
Location: Parlier, Ca

Dana found this one driving between Sanger and Reedley in the fine community of Parlier. Its at a church, so we were wondering exactly what type of church this is. We took the picture on Sunday and there were a ton of people outside so we didnt want too get too close and look like crazy people.