Saturday, July 9, 2011

This house is a very, very, very fine house...

 with one historical marker in the yard,
life used to be so hard

team: Young
member: Nancy
location: 91 S. Second Street - Campbell, Ca

the house that was built for Benjamin Campbell's son in 1895, now sits just a block over from the ever popular historic downtown Campbell.  We had stumbled upon this cool gem during one of our many walks around town.  Today's walk included a stop for frozen yogurt and sitting a spell under the shade trees watching the world go by.

Keep those Wagons Rolling... Rawhide!

team: Young
member:  Mark and Nancy
location: History Park San Jose

We were lucky enough to find not one but two wagons with western wagon wheels on them out at the history park this weekend.  And it was a quiet day out there, so perfect photo op! 

Head 'em up... Move 'em out! 

There's Plenty of Room....

at the motel Casa Linda...

team: Young
member: Nancy
location:  Monterey Road - San Jose

there are some "classic" motels along this stretch of the road, "historic El Camino Real" according to one street sign.  I suppose back in the 50's these quaint little spots, with covered parking places, were probably quite nice to stop and stay at while on a road trip!

Notice the wagon wheel in the sign base, cool ... do we get bonus points?

Take the Last Train to Clarksville

team: Young
location: CalTrain Station
               Morgan Hill, Ca
member: Mark

This is a very cool statue of one of Morgan Hill's founding families - portrayed waiting at the train station for their son.  We should've dressed in our period attire for this photo!

They have a nice, small farmer's market in the parking lot on Saturdays, we picked up some fresh peaches and apricots.

Forgot to Charge my camera

Now, after reminding everyone to charge their camera, I didn't.  We found a great mural (actually it is one of my favorites we see when we go to the Giants game).  Got Dave to pose, and dang it my camera was dead.  And if you can believe it, we saw a rainbow over SF bay while at AT&T park.  Nate got a Splash Hit (#57 for the team).  Alas, the Giants lost in the 9th inning.  Fear the Beard was off his game.

Don't forget---Your Cameras need to be charged!!!

Whatchu Doin at the Courthouse?

Team Fresno

Team Member: Dana

Location: Reedley, Ca

Reedley's got its own courthouse that serves the cities of Reedley, Orange Cove and Sanger. The cases heard here are mainly traffic cases, misdemeanor prelim cases, and felony prelim cases. If the case goes to jury, or is serious in nature (Murder, Sex Crimes) then they go up to Fresno to the big courthouse, which does not have any steps.

Took a Wrong turn...ended up in....

Team Fresno

Team Member: Dana

Location: Dinuba, Ca

Nebraska runs through the county area of Reedley and into the county of Tulare through Dinuba...we really were just looking for a sign that didn't say California. One of Reedley's officers was in a pursuit on Nebraska, and reminded me we could snag this sign for the hunt :)

Stop in the name of....

Team Fresno

Team Member: Chris B. and the Cavalier

Location: Reedley, Ca

We're not really sure who is supposed to be stopping here...unless there is a car coming out of someones backyard. We're not sure why a stop sign, and the painted words on the road are necessary, but we thought it was funny


Team Fresno

Team Member: Chris B.

Location: Reedley, Ca

We found these while we were on our way to get some fresh fruit from the best fruit stand around...interestingly enough they are just outside the parking lot of the nicest restaurant in town...

Wait a minute Mr. Postman


Team Member: Dana

Location: Reedley, Ca

Dana spotted this one while at work on the 4th of July, its across the street from the Sports Park where they hold the annual fireworks show. Its pretty cool with its pinstriping and metal plate.

On the Court House Steps

Spokane County Court House
Here's Marcia taking a break after a harrowing morning in court (just kidding). We did sue some tenants here time ago. We got an award, but they didn't have any money, so we lost in the end. It was fun though.

Notice the archaic V's that they used for U's. The court house is located just a few blocks from our other downtown pictures today. We didn't find any dates stamped in concrete down there though.

Team Spokane

The Runners

"The Runners"
This statue was built to commemorate Spokane's Bloomsday (lilacs) Run. This annual run is the largest individually timed running event in the world. [article]

The runners are turning the corner just after they have passed the Washington Waterpower sign. As you can see, Marcia is keeping right up with them.

Team Spokane

Washington Water Power

Washington Water Power
Our Mullan Road sign could be considered a triple-threat entry as it includes a date in concrete, and "Washington". However, we're not counting those unless we get extra points. ;-)

The sign is on top of the building that houses the main hydroelectric generating plant at Spokane Falls. WWP was purchased by Avista, but the sign remains.

Team Spokane

First road into Washington

Mullan Military Wagon Road
Captain John Mullan built this first road into Washington in 1860. It started in the middle of Montana, went to Spokane, and then south to Walla Walla. [article]

He and his crew reached the top of what is now called Fourth of July Pass (near Coeur d'Alene) on... Duh! the 4th of July. We took this picture on Sprague Ave., not far from us.

Team Spokane's historical sign entry.

Friday, July 8, 2011

round, round get around, I get around

the shopping cart, not Nancy!

team: Young
member: Nancy
location: Hedegard St. Campbell
We spotted this cutie on our way home from running the track - it was too dark and we didn't have a camera.  Lucky for us it was still there the next afternoon when we stopped by on our lunch break. It's from the Grocery Outlet, which we think is down on Williams and Winchester!  It's got some interesting light fixtures in it if anyone's in the need for some!

School's Out.... for EVER!

team: Young
location: Campbell Ave. & Winchester Blvd. Campbell, CA
member: Mark

1922 stamped into the foundation of the old school house,  you can see the history of the building by the plaque they have out front.  We think that it is really cool that Campbell did not tear down the old grammar school in the wake of progress and chose instead to use the beautiful architecture as the facade for the new office buildings.  Much like it's neighbor across the street, the Campbell Community Center retains the historic buildings and helps give Campbell that link with the past.

"Let Jimmy Take Over"

Team: Spokane
Member: Melissa
Location: Coeur d'Alene, Id.

This mural was full of all sorts of musical artists. It is located accross the street from "Capone's" which is where the clan went for lunch when in Spokane in June. The wall was too big to capture it all with the camera lens.

National Park

Team:  Dave and Cathy
San Francisco

While we were taking our bike ride in SF, we were headed to the Golden Gate Bridge, and rode through Crissy Field.  

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mail Call

Team:  Dave and Cathy
San Francisco

We found this cute little red mail box when riding our bikes along the Embarcadero in San Francisco.  This is the SF Fire Departments box.

Barber Pole


Member: Chris B.

Location: Downtown Reedley, Ca

Item: Barber Pole

This is the Real Deal...I think the gangsters go here to get their fades on, it looks kind of ghetto to me. We were hoping that there would be one at the "Elvis" Barber Shop (the dude looks like Elvis) but he didnt have we found this instead :)

Written in...concrete


Team member: Dana

Location: Reedley P.D., Reedley, Ca

Item: Date stamped in concrete here's the back story. Dana was at work and got a call that there was a grave marker in an alley. She gets there and voila, here it is! The cemetery in Reedley provides temporary cement markers for gravesites until the family gets a permanent one. This one is kinda old, the full year says 1989 (the evidence tag is covering the last 9). So whoever Mr. Clinton Vogel is, we hope he is resting peacefully, and that his marker gets back to him's been booked into evidence in the meantime.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

(Save) Ferris Wheel

Our friends from San Francisco, Cesar & Ralph, came to visit us. We went to the beach in Santa Monica and walked the pier, which is the end of Route 66. On the Pier they have this great Ferris wheel.
Team LA: Lauren (Cesar & Ralph)
Location: Santa Monica Pier
Where Route 66 meets the Pacific

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

FYI from Team LA

All of our posts will have links to fun youtube videos/websites that go along with the post they will be hyperlinked to words in Orange! :)


According to Target......

Member: Erin
Photographer: Kristina
Location: Target
Picture: unintentionally funny

Milk does the body good.....we didn't know oreos did too. Is that why oreos are milks favorite cookie?

1958 stamped in concrete

Members: All
Location: On the way to Mi Pueblo, 5th st.

Tom J. Davis Contractor 1958 was here

Mi Pueblo Tu Pueblo Ayiyiyyiyiyi

Members: Karen, Erin, Hilary
Photographer: Kristina
Location: San Jose

I was hot in our house and we wanted ice cream. Took a walk down our street and found these shopping carts that belong to Mi Pueblo. The carts are in the same spot that we found them in. I bet no one else will get 3 shopping carts!

"Here's your Sign"

Team: Spokane

Member: Barb

Location: Loon Lake, WA

There were several intentionally funny signs to choose from here at our good friends lake cabin where we spent the long 4th of July Weekend. I liked this the best!

A few others worth mentioning:

"We're always Here... Unless We're Gone"

" Rusty's Roadside Cafe... Eat Here Get Gas"

"Greenacres Is the Place to Be"

Team: Spokane

Member: Melissa

Location: Greenacres, WA

Some random field out in Greenacres on the way to drop off Melissa's friend Kayla.

Griffith Park Bear

Lauren is from Bayern, Deutschland, which in English is Bavaria, Germany. Berlin, the capital of Germany, is the sister city of Los Angeles and we share the Bear as our i guess mascot. So here is a picture of Lauren with the Giffith Park Bear.

Team LA: Lauren
Location: Griffith Park
on Los Feliz Blvd.
Los Angeles CA 90027

"Rock Me Mama like a Wagon Wheel"

Team: Spokane

Member: Barb

Location: Loon Lake, WA

Loon Lake was very good to us this weekend. Ken & Barb were driving around the lake visiting people they knew when out of the blue...

Yogi & BooBoo

Team: Spokane

Member: Melissa

Location: Loon Lake, WA

Mr. Bear was located hanging around Loon Lake for the 4th Holiday Festivities. (probably lookin for Picnick Baskets too!)

Monday, July 4, 2011

California Dreaming

team: Young
member: Chris
location: Pinto Lake Park, Watsonville California
item: #2, sign with a state name in it

Had a fun time showing my Dad & Mom the disc golf course out in Watsonville.  I lost a disc but found this cool sign for the hunt!  We had some good laughs watching my Mom try to throw a disc... lol

Blind umps

Gloria and Kaylyn at the Reno Aces Game: Reno Nevada. July 3rd 2011

We also got to see some great Fireworks! :)
Ill post a video and see if it works! Happy 4th of July everyone!

Let Freedom Ring

team: Young
member: Nancy
location: downtown Gilroy, CA

We didn't see this big fresh mural on our first pass through town, but on the way back there it was! We thought it was quite fitting for Independence day, a big "field" planted (painted) in patriotic colors.  Hard to see but the artist is Nancy Grieves.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Walk-Ins Welcome

Today I needed a haircut.......bad....Especially since I will be spending the 4th with Lauren's family. I did not want to look like a scrub. So I walked down to The Fade Inn at the end of my street and got a haircut. And here is my Barber Poll.

Team LA: Michael
Location: Hollywood@Wilton
(The Clock Building)
Los Angeles, CA 90028