Friday, August 27, 2010

Billy Jones Wildcat Railroad

Team: Cathy and Dave
Location: Vasona Park, Los Gatos

We took a ride on the Train for 2 dollars a piece. It has a steam engine and this is the water tower they use to fill it up. It could quite possibly be the best train ride west of the Rockies.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

fee fie fiddly-eye oh...

strumming on my ole banjo!

Team: M&N
location: Danville, CA
in photo: Nancy & Janice Johnson

Just by chance my friend Janice brought along her banjo to the "house crop" last weekend.  A bunch of us gals regularly gather to stamp, scrap and chat!

Janice is a super player and I may convince her to come down this way and play around our fire pit one evening!  Her banjo traveled along with her, her husband and their dog across the nation and back for several months this year!

p.s. thanks to Sonja who snapped this picture for me!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Scary scarecrow....really it's there!

Carrie and Dan spotted this scarecrow behind a barbed wire fence while they were on a camping trip to Mt Lassen Park. They weren't going to chance hopping the fence for a close-up. Carrie says "Trust me it was there."
Team Mahaffie

Soccer Moms and mini vans...

team: M & N
location: Hardy Ave. Campbell, CA 
member: Nancy

Just enough bumper stickers; keeping Tahoe blue, saving the turtles, vans, soccer balls,  bigfoot and more!  We didn't have to look far to find the quintessential soccer mom car - right across the street!  Gives us a little insight to our neighbor!

Day Tripper

team:  M & N
location: downtown Campbell
member: Nancy
A cool cruiser tandem, just the thing for a day trip!  This sweet ride is at Threads, we spotted it on our compute back and forth to work so today we took an extra long round-about walk to the Farmer's Market to check it out.  With a basket it would be great to go to the Farmer's Market on this!

Top Gun

Team: Dana & Chris B.
Team member: Dana
Location: Great America, Santa Clara, Ca
I had to go pick up Melissa from her team Great America Day, so I took advantage of the roller coaster photo op.

Peace, Love and Bumper Stickers

Team: Dana & Chris B.
Location: Downtown Campbell, Ca
This car was spotted in front of Stacks on the walk back to mom and dads house after the farmers market, thanks to dad for giving us the heads up :)