Saturday, September 18, 2010


July 9th Gma Mahaffie's Back yard :)

Team: Eddie, Leisa, Kaylyn

In picture:
Lanell Mahaffie, Kaylyn Moore, Leisa Moore, Louise Mahaffie

Love all around

Rhymes with Purple

Team Member: Cathy
Santa Cruz, CA

We were looking for a clown with a broken arm, walking 4 dogs in a field that had a scarecrow, but had no luck. Settled on this tastefully painted purple house instead.

September 25, 1791

Team member: Cathy
Mission Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz, CA

We were on the hunt for a purple house Dave had seen in Santa Cruz. We found a parking spot on a side street, got out of the car and low and behold we were parked across the street from Mission Santa Cruz. Well, we got our church with a visible bell too.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cathy's Clown

team: M & N
location: Watsonville, CA
team member: Nancy

We've been searching for the perfect clown - but found only these guys!  This was at Watsonville's Strawberry Festival, a cool over-cast day.  There weren't many people at the festival which really surprised us. For more fun go check out the Everly Brothers here!