Friday, July 22, 2011

Cruising on a Sunday afternoon

Mark, Lanell and Taylor are part of the cruising mural in Manteca, CA. We had many murals to choose from but Mark liked this one best. Taylor is in the far left corner watching the action with the ladies, I'm petting the dog and Mark is checking out the Chevy.
Team Manteca 7-17-11

La Rueda de la Fortuna

Team Fresno
Team Member: Dana
Location: Irvine, Ca

Dana and a bunch of her friends from Arbonne traveled down to Irvine for the day to visit Arbonne Cooperate Offices and for a seminar. While they were waiting for their visit to cooperate they stopped at the Spectrum Center, and Dana spotted this over the rooftops of the stores. She dragged one of the girls over to take this picture for her.

All of the girls Dana went with are Hispanic, and they spoke Spanish nearly the entire day...when they saw the ferris wheel they couldn't remember what it was in English, and kept calling it "La Rueda de la Fortuna" which literally translates to the Wheel of Fortune.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lake Roosevelt NRA

Pointing out the Obvious
No, not rifles: Marcia and I took a little day trip to Fort Spokane today. It's where the Spokane River joins the Columbia. The Grand Coulee Dam, 20 miles below there, created Lake Roosevelt. The lake is about 70 miles long and goes clear up to Canada.

Here's what an essay had to say about the post which soon became a fort: "The post is intended to confine the Colville and Spokane Indians on reservations north and west of the rivers, and remove them from the fertile farmland to the southeast, around the developing city of Spokane." Nice.

Photo of a Display at the Fort
Here's what the Fort looked like back in the day. Almost all of it is gone now, but there are a couple of buildings and some clear traces left.

The married officers all had river-view houses. The bachelor officers had to share the view from their quarters.

P.S. Seventeen wild turkeys just strutted across the front yard while I was writing this. We've been wondering why there weren't more. We've only seen five before today.

From Team Spokane

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hiking Buddy?

Dan and Carrie were hiking
.......nah. It was a Sunday afternoon stroll through Bass Pro Shop
Manteca CA
Team Manteca 7-17-11

Funny sign

I'm not trying to be an over achiever or anything, but this was posted by one of my friends on Facebook. I thought it was funny, showed it to my friend at work who thought it was equally funny (and thought it was another team that had nabbed it). This is in Tennessee so I figured it was safe to say that none of our teams here would get this one. Just wanted to share :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wanna Go For A Walk??

Team:  Dave, Cathy and Dusty
Flat bed Ford.

We asked Dusty if he wanted to go for a walk Sunday night.  Of course he did. This truck is kind of abandoned on a piece of property at the end of our street.  I had to walk around the front, yucky spiderwebs. 

Monday, July 18, 2011

SEEDY for sure!

The Pacific Motel is in need of repairs, you can hardly see it but the front of all the rooms are surrounded by chain link. Hope there' s no fire. You can also see XXX movies by the hour. Nasty! This is actually in Manteca, CA
Lanell, Team Manteca 7-17-11

Oh, I am a little barber

We found this little place tucked away in downtown Manteca, CA on the only 1 way street we have. It was Sunday afternoon so they were closed. Dan and Taylor from Team Manteca 7-17-11

BARBER from the Man of La Mancha

Oh, I am a little barber
And I go my merry way
With my razor and my leeches
I can always earn my pay

Though your chin be smooth as satin,
You will need me soon I know
For the Lord protects his barbers,
And He makes the stubble grow.

If I slip when I am shaving you
And cut you to the quick,
You can use me as a doctor
'Cause I also heal the sick.

Pink House

Team Fresno
Team Member: Dana
Location: Dinuba, Ca

This is across the street from our original mural pick. Another thing Dana stumbled upon while scouting in Dinuba.

Mountains on a Wall

Team Fresno
Team Member: Chris
Location: Dinuba, Ca

Dana had scoped out another mural in Dinuba earlier in the week and we were on our way to go take a picture of that one (at the high school) when we happened to look down a street and catch just the side of this one. We went to check it out, and thought that it was pretty cool...its much prettier in person, but shows a nice landscape of the valley and mountains which lie to the east of Dinuba.