Saturday, August 14, 2010

With a little help from my friends....

Team: Dana & Chris B.
Team Member: Dana
Location: Independence High School, San Jose, Ca
Erin pointed this guy out to me, and Missy snapped the shot after sneaking me into the "athletes/coaches only" area. Thanks for the help guys!

Monday, August 9, 2010

squash blossoms

team member: michael
location: hollywood farmers market

michael and i argued about this one. he thinks they are unusual, i say they are delicious stuffed with ricotta cheese!
sorry for cutting michael's head off in this picture -- however we are pretty sure his eyes were closed!

seemingly small church bell

team member: lauren
location: saint anthony's catholic church, pasadena california

it was there, we swear!

this could have been crappy

team member: lauren
location: hollywood blvd. @ highland

driving home for work i spotted a truck with its bed filled with smelly porta-pottys...they didnt look too secure back there and i was terrified!! -- after taking this picture i changed lanes to be far from this potential crappy situation.

banjo banjo banjo

team member: michael
location: hollywood farmers market -- does this count for a strange thing to find at a farmers market & a man with a banjo?! ... jusstt kidddiinngg

please note: michael's eyes are closed in yet again another darling photo