Saturday, July 2, 2011


 Team Young
Location: Casa de Fruta, CA

No longer capable of being
Fixed Or Repaired Daily!
I think she worked a hard life, and now has been set out to pasture on display at Casa de Fruta.  We didn't stop here thinking we would find a truck like this!  They have lots of old farming equipment on display along a little railroad track and nice cool shade trees.
You can see how thrilled Mark is to stand by a Ford, should've been a 1951 GMC 2 ton flat bed truck, that one does get driven daily!

Its a girl, my Lord, in a flat bed Ford

Ok, I swear Dana is sitting in the drivers seat, she would be the dark ominous looking figure there. If this is totally not acceptable, let us know we'll take another one. Anyway, short story on this puppy...Dana towed it last summer for back tags, it ended up at Chris' tow yard, and there it has remained for over a year. I guess that was lucky for us!

Little Red Mailbox (classy)

Little Red Mailbox
Marcia was very excited to find this nifty set of mailboxes on her first outing. The deep red color is still fresh.
Team Spokane: Phil, Marcia, Barb, Missy and Nick
Team Manteca is finally into the blog! Happy summer to everyone and good luck on the hunt.
Nancy, Thanks for the card!

Thursday, June 30, 2011


Below are the items on our checklist.  Good luck, happy hunting and let's have a GREAT time.

Dave and Cathy