Saturday, July 24, 2010

Fire In The Hole!

Team: Dana & Chris B
Team Member: Dana
Location: The Purple Plum Fruit Stand, Sanger, Ca

According to the fruit stand owner, this is a Mexican Squash. You can see more of them in the bin to the right in the picture. The owner also told us that in a few months there would be more in various colors, including blue and red.

If I Only Had a Head....

Team: Dana & Chris B.
Team Member: Dana
Location: Selma, Ca

Ok, ok, stop laughing...there were a bunch of these scarecrows lined up in this field, but this was the only one we were brave enough to get close to...

I'm a Little Tea Pot

Team: Dana & Chris B.
Team Member: Chris
Location: Kingsburg, Ca

Kingsburg’s water tower underwent a personalized transformation to reflect Kingsburg’s Swedish Heritage. The giant tea pot, complete with spout and handle, is a colorful replica of the metal tea pots available in local gift stores selling Swedish wares. The design and colors, primarily red, blue, yellow, and green, are authentic. It is a highly visible landmark dominating the skyline from Freeway 99.

P.S. Chris really is a manly man...he's just showing off his sensitive side (he came up with the pose on his own :)

Honey Buckets for Heathens: Sweet.

Team Geezer: Marcia captured The Geezer at a strategic moment.

On our way to Deer Park, WA today we passed these honey buckets in a church parking lot. It was evident that there has been no construction there for several years.

Update: We went by there a month later and they're gone. We figured they must have had a flea market or some other event requiring facilities.

The only reason we could imagine for them being there was for the convenience of heathens who didn't want to use the ones inside. We decided to turn around, go back, take advantage of them, and grab our snapshot.

Bringing up the Rear

Team Geezer: Marcia captured with the cowboy clown by photographer Phil.

We travelled all the way to Deer Park, Washington today to see their "Pioneer Days" parade. Not much to fit the pioneer theme, but they did have the traditional clown with broom and shovel following the horses.

It's hard to catch your partner and the subject at the same time in a parade, because you can't very well ask them to stop and pose. Well, in this parade you probably could, but I didn't think of it till just now. Anyhow, one of the shots caught the clown pretty well.

Team Manteca Ma1/2es

Carrie found this boy in Manteca's Bass Pro Shop last Wednesday while on a Youth Night Hot Foot Hunt Game. Her team lost the hunt but she snagged this pic for us. Way to go Carrie-take 1 for team Ma1/2e!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Second Floor... VTA!

team: Mark & Nancy
photo: taken by Mark, Nancy in elevator
location: Hamilton Ave. Station, Campbell, CA

Well, here we are in our own "backyard"!  As many times as we have been on the light rail we never went to this platform in the glass elevator before!  Cool.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Through the looking glass... Oh... through the glass elevator

Team Geezer: Marcia and friends from Minnesota. Shows them looking through the glass wall at the back of the elevator, with the doors open behind them (see the guy in the distance -- click to embiggen).

This elevator is in the central bus terminal in downtown Spokane, Washington. The reflections were horrible because there is a lot of light and glass in the main room of the terminal, which is directly behind me. Apologies from photographer Phil.

Notice the bottom end of a blue drape directly above their heads. It goes all the way to the top of the glass elevator shaft. Must have been some kind of problem with juvenile antics, vertigo or something because it wasn't hanging there in the past.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Don’t go chasin’ waterfalls

Team member: Dave
Uvas Canyon Park

Dave went hiking with Nieces Leisa and Kaylyn.
Thought we would share a cute picture of her in her cool stroller.

"Who's that tripping over my bridge?" roared the troll

"It's I! The big Billy Goat Gruff ,"

Team member Dave
Uvas Canyon Park
Santa Clara County park, CA

You'll look Sweet, Upon the Seat of a Bicycle Built for Two

Team: Geezers
Team Member: Barb
While at the Farmers Market in Liberty Lake, WA, Marcia spotted this TANDEM BIKE!!! How many of you have seen one hauling a trailer??? This must be where they stow their unusual items they find at the fruit and vegetable stands.

We were in the car leaving the parking lot when she spotted it's arrival. Greg & His Son Carl were happy to pose for us.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Concrete Jungle Foot Bridge

Team: Dana & Chris B.
Team member: Dana
Location: Los Banos, Ca

Im sure you all have seen this nice foot bridge...located just west of the Los Banos Park on Highway 152 :)

Porta Potty Retirement

team: M&N
team member: Nancy
photo by: Mark
location: Bloomfield Rd. Gilroy, CA

Here we have a lovely collection of porta potties sent out to pasture! 
 p.s.  thanks to team Dana & Chris B. for the heads up on these beauties!

To Market, To Market, To Buy....Garlic Scapes

Team Member: Marcia
Marcia & Barb went scavenging on Saturday to the Farmer's Market in Liberty Lake, WA. Wow did we find some things.
Here we found something we thought Unusual. Garlic Scapes. You Californians may already know about these, but we've never seen or heard of them.
" The scapes are the flower stems that garlic plants produce before the bulbs mature. Growers often remove the scapes to push the plant’s energy toward bigger bulbs, and when harvested while they are young and tender, the scapes are delicious."