Saturday, July 31, 2010

Falling for Yosemite

Team: Dana & Chris B.
Location: Carlon Falls, Yosemite, Ca
We went on a new hike today, this trail starts outside of Yosemite and goes in about 2.5 miles to this waterfall and the swimming hole under it. We didnt go swimming as the water was absolutely freezing, and the fall looks bigger in real life.

In Tandem

Team: Dana & Chris B.
Location: Yosemite Valley, Yosemite, Ca
We were just traveling through Yosemite Valley on our way to Hetch Hetchy, but Dana spotted a dad and his daughter riding this tandem bike along one of the trails. They were so nice they even let us sit on their bike for the picture :)

24 Willie Mays Plaza

We were on our way Friday night to see the Giants take on the LA Dodgers. These guys were playing right there on the corner. Of course there were so many Giants fans, it was hard to get a good shot. The first one a guy walked in front and then in the 2nd the trumpet player got in the way. But you can see we found the banjo player.

Today's paper read:

Agonizing 9th inning; Giants hold back LA

It really was a great game. Beat LA, Beat LA, Beat LA

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Speckled Acorn Squash anyone?

Team E, L and K Moore
Location: Campbell Farmers favorite-tho i haven't been to the one in SF yet....maybe next week.
So I have seen acorn squash before but never this yellow and green speckled kind! So had to try it. also bought a japanese squash and daikon- in the spirit of Masaharu Morimoto! He's pictured below. :)IronChefMorimoto.jpg

Clownin Around

Here's Ronnie McDonnie!
Team: E, L and K Moore
Where: McDonalds Milpitas CA

One thing that I am enjoying about this scavenger hunt is the people that i am meeting. This photo was taken by a sweet lady who was a little leery when i asked her if she could do us a small favor. But once she knew what it was she wanted to know all the details of the hunt!

the clowns don't have to be moving-do they?

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Make Love, Not War

There's at least one hippie left in Campbell. Dave and I found this far-out right-on van on our bike ride. Growing up every one wanted a hippie van like this, tie dyed shirt, and a peace sign necklace.

Feelin' groovy!

I'm so bitter!

team: M&N
member: Mark
location: Downtown Campbell, CA Farmer's Market

The Indian Bitter Melon is commonly used in Chinese and Indian cuisine.  It hails from Southeast Asia and has a distinct warty looking exterior.  It is popular in Asian salads and in stir-fry dishes.  It is eaten when green, as the fully ripe fruit is too bitter to eat.   The gal at the stand said it's good in soups, fried with garlic and her Dad loves it in omelets!  Yum-o!