Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Few Good Stickers

Team Mahaffie-Lanell
As we were cruising the older neighborhoods of Sacramento looking for the purple house I spotted this van....we didn't quite get a legal u turn in this time. The other side of the van looked just like this one.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fraternizing with the Enemy

Team Member: Erin
Team Member: Mike & Lauren
Location: Griffith Observatory & Park, LA, California

I went down to see Mike for the Labor Day weekend where we had many adventures and opportunities to take pics for the hunt! I posted the pics following this one. I had a lot of fun visiting him and Lauren. This pic shows Mike's new city! Maybe mine in the future?

Organic Lemonades and Banjos

Team Member: Lauren (lemonade)
Location: Hollywood, LA, California Farmers Market
Team Member: Erin (banjo)

We went to the Farmers market were there is good lemonade and good music!

I do NOT like clowns

Team Member: Mike and Team Member: Erin
Location: Santa Monica Pier, California

We got two different clowns! But can you find the matching third clown?

The West Coaster

Team Member: Erin
Location: Santa Monica Pier, California

This coaster was scary! Not only were you on the pier that is up over the ocean, but also you feel like you are going to fall out during the turn.

Competing Water Falls found in a secret hike!

Team Member: Erin & Other Team Member: Mike
Location: LA, California, Pasadena Hills

There is this little area deep into the hills where there is a waterfall that falls into a little pool of water, where Mike's pic is taken, and then that pool of water waterfalls into the bigger pool of water, Erin is taking a pic with the lower one. In the pool of water the lower waterfall falls in is a place to jump off into which is approx. 15ft. If you keep going down the water there is another place to jump into the pool that's approx. 45ft.!!!!! I didn't jump off the big one but i jumped off the 15ft. one!

Keep them doggies movin, Rawhide

Team Mahaffie-
Lanell found these friends in Manteca, what a pack of doggies! The Great Dane is 3 year old Carla and she was not happy her mom was taking our picture. She finally settled down for this shot while the labs were happy to just kick back for a minute. They said they usually roller blade with the Dane pulling them. Yikes!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Team Mahaffie
We live on a very long court in an obscure Manteca, CA neighborhood where no ice cream truck "has ever gone before". Really, we have heard only 2 or 3 ice cream trucks in our court in the 20 years we have lived here so when this truck came by the other day we all jumped up and ran for the camera and the door to stop him. We quickly found some money for Taylor to get a fudgesicle. Check out the website for ice cream truck melodies. can pass on a blessing!

Team Mahaffie
Louise is herself :),mom, grandma and great grandma and that makes 4 generations...yipeee!
Mark, Lanell, Leisa, Eddie, Kaylyn (1), Dan, Carrie, Taylor (3 almost 4), Cameron (1).

Remind me of this with every decision
Generations will reap what I sow
I can pass on a blessing
To those I will never know.

You'll look sweet, upon the seat, Of a bicycle built for two.

Team Mahaffie-Dan and Carrie in Manteca CA
We have been telling our friends about the snapshot scavenger hunt fun and our friend Mark Keasling told us about his 1970's Classic Schwinn 5 speed tandem bike with drum brakes that he purchased at a garage sale for the bargin price of $100. The tires have rotted since it's last outing but what fun to have!

Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls

Team Mahaffie
Dan and Carrie took this waterfall pic at Mt. Lassen Park, CA while camping. There was still snow up there along with bubbling hot mud.

Sun Dial Bridge

Team Mahaffie
Dan and Carrie were on a short vacation driving through Redding CA and decided to visit the Sun Dial (foot) Bridge. Besides walking across the bridge you can rent segues and "drive" across. It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

Purple Mansion

Team Mahaffie found this purple home with purple stairs in Sacramento. We just cruised the old neighborhood asking the postman, slow passing cars, and a cyclist, before we found it. Our last ditch effort was to go one more block to catch the UPS guy but the house appeared out of nowhere before we got to him. One (legal) U turn and we snapped this pic.