Saturday, July 30, 2011

Barn Red Mailbox

We found this barn red mailbox in Seaside, CA today where we are on vacation and touring the city for a Ford Flatbed which eludes us.
Team Manteca, CA

More Than 3 Trees

Team:  Dave and Cathy
Big Basin State Park
Picture:  Dave

Where's Goldilocks?

....Oh, there she is!

Three "black" bears in the Asian Gardens at The Jacksonville Zoo in Jacksonville, Florida.

Team Kingsland:
Allison Mahaffie (pictured)

Wheel in the sky

Signpost going onto some friends' property (The "Rockin' 'W' Ranch") in Cochran, GA.

Jessica is showing us where the wheel is...

The deuce

Confederate Monument near the Appling County courthouse in Baxley, GA.

Allison poses in front.