Saturday, July 16, 2011

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

Round and round they went with Cameron screaming the whole way.....he was not a fan, and he has been traumatized. The Boardwalk was part of their vacation.
Team Manteca, CA July 13, 2011 Dan and Cam

The Famous Lone Cypress Tree

Dan, Carrie and kids were on vacation this week in Monterey, CA and drove the 17 Mile Drive. Cameron was especially serious about this photo shoot.
Team Manteca, CA July 12, 2011

Wheel of fortune in Manteca

Team Manteca, CA-
Dan and Carrie (and new little one) July 16, 2011
This is the entrance to an old subdivision here in town-many new settlers have passed by here-Ye Haw. We had a few choices from this location. Across the street was a fence made out of metal wagon wheels, they had a few wheels up against their back fence that were really cool but we figured they would not appreciate us jumping their fence to take a picture, and down the street was a gate made from a metal wheel.

Alone again, naturally

team: Young
location: Lower Hotel Trail, Joseph D. Grant Ranch Park - Hall's Valley, Santa Clara County

We headed out for the hills this fine Saturday to go on a history hike and tour of the historic Grant ranch house.  Learned lots about the history of this pretty little valley on the other side of the eastern foothills.  Then we took off on a hike to the circle corral.  As we hiked up this hill we spotted the lone oak tree out on the knob of this hill.  Now we want to go back in the spring to catch the wildflower show!  

We didn't have time to travel further up Mt. Hamilton road to see if we could spot the Smith Creek picnic grounds.

Concours d'Elegance Ready

This vintage flat-bed Ford is car-show ready. You can see that they've put some righteous sideboards on it to give it that serious truck touch. You can just make out "F350 Custom" above the number 18 on the fender. More evidence that it's not some wuss pickup chassis.

We were concerned that someone might emerge from the elegant residence beside it, but since it was early Saturday morning we hoped their TGIF hadn't worn off yet.

Here you see that on closer inspection there was one small detail to correct before it was ready for showing. On the other hand three out of four characters is still a pretty good identifier. (Click to embiggen the picture.)

Team Spokane:
Parked in the great City of Spokane Valley.

Economy Size Barber Pole

I'm sure that Tom's place has *always* been there, and I've driven by there many times, but it was Marcia who spotted it.

You can see that they claim to have 5 barbers, but I don't see how they'd fit them in that little converted house. The actual pole is tiny, but it does rotate.

Team Spokane: with a dubious look on TheGeezer's face.
Another City of Spokane Valley attraction.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mural covering the side of a wall

We've actually got (at least) three murals covering the sides of buildings in our town. Here's one for ya...

"She's Like a Rainbow"

Team: Spokane
Members:Nick & Melissa (sneaking away)
Location: Spokane Valley, WA

Just got lucky enough to catch these RAINBOWS (yes 2!!)
out in front of our house. Melissa was meeting her
friend out front to go to a BBQ/Pool Party and
yelled - MOM! It's your rainbow!!

Actually, I was pretty sure this is where we would
find our rainbow for the hunt. We see them frequently in the exact same place during storms.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Mural covering a wall

Team: dwtnsj
Member: Erin
Location: dwtnsj chevron

Had to clean my windows while I was getting gas and look was right behind me! A mural, and coincidentally it is of the same men that the statue was based off of. San Jose sure is proud.

Statue of 2 or more people

Team: dwtnsj
Members: Kristina and Erin
Location: SJSU

Today we took a stand. A stand with Tommie Smith and John Carlos. Our school is very proud of these sjsu alumni who took a stand at the 1968 Olympics for human rights.

With you were here!!!

Team: Spokane
Member: Melissa
Location: Silverwood Theme Park (Athol, ID)

Melissa & her friend Haley spent this past Saturday playing at Silverwood. (The Northwest's version of Great America) Lots-o-fun in the sun. Weather was perfect!

We've linked to some websites for further discovery. (I thought Athol had a different definition!)

flat bed ford F.O.R.(Alive)

Team: dwtn san jose
Member: Kristina
Location: dwtn san jose

We went to michael's and world market today when we were driving around looking for some things for the hunt and we found this on our way home!

red mailbox

Team: dwtnsj
Member: Kristina
Location: dwtnsj

with yard like this, they gotta have a red mail box, and they sure did have one!

We felt like being over achievers today :)

Team: dwtnsj
Member: Erin
Photographer: Kristina
Location: dwtnsj

2 little pink houses. There are things that we love about both these houses. The first one still has icicle lights on it and the second one has blue tarp on the window. We are definitely in dwtnsj

Sunday, July 10, 2011


We have a new team! Welcome team Kingsland. We can't wait to see some of your pictures from Georgia.

Thai Town Gospel

Lauren and I had a lot of options of murals living in LA. Today, Lauren and I were dog-sitting a friend's puppy named Chief today. We walked through Griffith Park and then decided to go get a pizza. On our way back we walked through Thai Town and saw our favorite mural. From the looks of this mural Jesus died while it was snowing in Jerusalem (or the Alps) and there was a great Medieval Castle nearby.

Team LA: Lauren
Location: Hollywood @ Normandie
Thai Town, Los Angeles
CA 90027

"My Mama told Me...You Better Shop Around"

Team: Spokane

Member: Barb

Location: Spokane Valley, WA

Honorable mention goes to Ken... he spied this gem on the way to Lowes (like Home Depot) and came back to get a team member for the photo-op.

Thanks Ken for supporting your local team!!!