Friday, August 10, 2012

Team Manteca
August1, 2012
Camp Koinonia 
Watsonville, CA

We went to visit a camp up in the hills behind Watsonville where I went to camp as a teenager. There were many improvements but here stood the old phone booth with an intact phone book.
                                                                      Team Manteca
                                                                      August 4, 2012
                                                                   Moss Landing, CA

After approaching an old salty dog fisherman on the wharf for a photo and being rejected we walked over to the Harbor Master office for some advice. He told us to go up to the north harbor and wait for a boat to come in and someone might help us with a picture. We did just that and as we approached the dock this boat and 3 fishermen came in with 7 Ahi tuna on ice. The fish and game were there to check out the catch and then the fish were off to market after our photo.
Team Manteca
August 3, 2012
Downtown Santa Cruz, CA
We walked up to this street performer and asked him if we could assist him and take his picture and he was very happy to help. He staged this and said I need help getting back up onto my box to continue playing my music. We dropped a tip into his jar and he gave his concert playing the accordion. This was really a fun find!

Double Decker Bus

Mark and I shared our SSSSH list with our family here in Bend and after thinking about it a few days they came up with this little beauty. We were on the way to the movies so we didn't eat here but it sure had some wonderful aromas wafting out the windows. We have decided maybe next time.

                                                                    Team Manteca
                                                                    August 8, 2012
                                                                         Bend, OR

Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Double-Decked Megabus!

Team: Snap Happy (Jen, Chrissie & Mallory)
Team Member: Chrissie
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio - 4th & Race/Downtown

 #3 - Double-Decker Bus: I had heard about the Megabus, but hadn't actually seen it. I googled and found out it was a double-decker and got the pickup schedule for downtown Cincinnati. Took a quick walk from work to snap the 2:30 boarding heading to Chicago...a lot of the passengers are probably going to the Reds games at Wrigley! GO REDS!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Gas station adapted for different use

Team Unofficial
Members:  Dave and Erin
Location:  Pacific Grove

We were headed down the street looking for a store that had a "moms" name in it.  We found the store and right next door was this gas station turned in to a delicatessen.  Always seems like something pops up when you least expect it.

Sign with Mother’s, Mom’s or Ma’s on it

Team:  Unofficial
Members:  Cathy and Erin
Location:  Pacific Grove, CA

Erin remembered that she had seen this store before.  So when we were visiting last week, we played tourist and walked the streets of Pacific Grove and found this store.  "Mum's Cottage".  We were so excited to find the gas station next door, we never went into the store.
Team Manteca
Aug.1, 2012
Watsonville, CA

Mark spotted this little beauty-so cute! #2 on our list. This converted gas station is now selling cars.


Team Manteca
Aug. 1
Watsonville, CA

We were traveling down Riverside Drive in Watsonville scouting for snapshots when Lanell spotted this herd of 3 camels and a zebra being rested from a long journey south to Mexico. We asked permission to take this shot and voila #16 has been marked off our list.

Team Manteca #18

Team Manteca Aug. 5 Corning, CA
We goggled cooking utensil and found- "A cooking utensil is a utensil used in the kitchen for cooking". It also had a picture of an iron skillet so we exited I-5 and took this snap.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Whoa, Heaven let your light shine down

team: Young
member: Nancy
location: Oak Hill Cemetery - San Jose, CA
item: Headstone inscribed with date before 1800s

We looked at Mission Cemetery in Santa Clara, no go.  Headed out to Oak Hill, the oldest cemetery in Santa Clara County, and after an exhaustive search we found one with the right date!  Like Jen found, some of the very old ones posted the date they died and then just listed their age at death.  The right time-frame, but not inscribed.  Finally, the good Rev. Adams and his lovely wife Eliza helped us out on our search!  The Reverend was born in 1795, and so he lived to the age of 85!  Pretty old for back then!

You can listen to the rest of the song from Collective Soul here.

Number forty-seven said to number three: You're the cutest jailbird I ever did see.

Team: Young
member: #3  Nancy
location: San Juan Bautista, CA
item: A former Jail

Took our '95 Camaro for a shake down cruise with the Camaro Club down to SJB. It shook and rattled on those old bumpy streets!  After a tour of the mission and a yummy lunch we were "on our own" to explore the town.  While looking for a bathroom we found the jail!  Serendipity!

Now - do some shake, rattle and rollin' yourself and dance with Elvis here!

Clock Tower: Little Ben

Team: Spokane
Member: Marcia
Location: River Park Square, Spokane WA

Marcia is dwarfed by the size of our clock tower. All of the Spohn Clan have seen this of course.

Riding on the cobbles

Team: Spokane
Member: Marcia
Location: Spokane's South Hill (old homes)

Marcia found this tourist attraction (the street) online, so we journeyed to Manito Park where it's located. You can see that the trees have been there about a century.
Here's the view across the street from where Marcia was standing. Somebody has to live in the crummy part of town I guess.

Side note: When we first moved "down the peninsula," we lived in a little house with a wall made from some original San Francisco cobble stones.