Saturday, August 20, 2011

A BIG red mailbox

Dan and Carrie found another great red mailbox! Why are they showing up so often now?
Team Manteca-August 2011

Yosemite Nationa Park Sign

We were on our way to the produce stand on the other side of highway 120 when we saw this sign. I can't tell you how many times we have passed this but we weren't ever looking for a national park sign.
Team Manteca-August 2011

Monterey Superior Courthouse

Vacation in Monterey, CA was wonderful! For valley dwellers 64 degrees is cold and wonderful in the summer! We scouted out the courthouse and we were happy to find steps! If you squint you can see the sign in the upper right half of the picture.
Team Manteca-August 2011

Bus Stop with Harry Potter Movie Ad

This was a fun find in Pacific Grove, CA while on vacation.
Team Manteca-August 2011


Dan, Carrie, Taylor and Cameron were on vacation in So Cal when they found this statue on the Loma Linda Hospital campus where Carrie's mom works.
Team Manteca-August 2011

Abandoned cart and house

This cart was a loooong way from home and no one is home in this poor abandoned house. We found this cart the same day as the pink house.
Team Manteca-July 2011

Rainbows in July

As we traveled around Lathrop looking for items on the picture check off list we spotted this rainbow. Carrie jumped out of the car before it faded away.
Team Manteca-July 2011

"Little" Pink House

This is our "little" pink house! We called a friend in Lathrop, a neighboring city, and she spotted this for us.
Team Manteca-July 2011

Friday, August 19, 2011

Red Mailbox

I have nothing really creative to say so have fun with these.

Team LA: Michael
Location: Santa Monica CA
Item: Red Mailbox

Wagon Wheel on the Trails

Lauren and I were getting yummy Stumptown Coffee at The Trails in Griffith Park. We found this awesome Wagon Wheel. My only question is when are Dave and Erin opening one up here.

Team LA : Michael
Location: Griffith Park, Los Angeles, CA
Item: Wagon Wheel

Lady Rainicorn!

Lauren and I were recently at Unique LA's Craft fair. Erin came with us and we had an Adventurous Time (ALTERNATE). We saw this wall rainbow of flasks and instantly got it because we do not get many rainbows in LA. Rainicorns on the other hand.

Team LA: Lauren

Location: Unique LA Craft Fair, Santa Monica CA

Item: Rainbow

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

At the Bus Stop

Team Fresno
Team Member: Chris B.
Location: East Hollywood, Ca (outside Paty's Diner)

Chris and his friend Nick went down to L.A. today to meet with Zachery Ty Bryan (of Home Improvement fame) about selling a movie that Nick directed and produced, and to try to get him to act in one of his upcoming movies. While they were on their way Chris spotted this bus stop with a Cowboy's v. Aliens movie can barely see it with the glare and reflection of the other vehicles, but if you make it bigger I promise its there. We don't have bus stops with any type of advertisement on them in Fresno, so we definitely had to go out of the area for this one :)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Nobody Home

Our team already has a black bear picture, but we thought we would check the local bear cave to see if we could get one up close and personal.

Nobody was home, so after waiting a while we gave up and went home. (This cave really did have a bear when it was part of the long-gone Spokane Valley Zoo.)

In the Pink

Little Pink House on the Prairie
Well, not exactly a prairie any longer, but it once was. We've been near this house many times, but just recently spotted it. It's on Broadway in The City of Spokane Valley. For those of you in California, you could probably pick this little gem up for $125,000, but the lot is only about 1/4 acre. ;-)

As you can see, Marcia was there for Team Spokane

Sunday, August 14, 2011

I saw the Sign...

team: Young
team member: Mark
location: along hiway 41

We saw this cool sign on our way into the park Saturday morning, but there is NO SAFE place to pull over. We continued on to Yosemite... Glacier Point and the Valley, sure we would find more cool Yosemite signs.  Not happening, I am amazed at the lack of signage there.  So, we planned to get our photo on the way back home, we risked life and limb to get this. (J/K)

Come Together

Team Fresno
Team Member: Dana
Location: Courthouse Park, Fresno

Dana has driven and walked by this statue in Courthouse Park many many times and never noticed it. The back drop of this picture is the Fresno County Courthouse. There are 22 statues or monuments in Courthouse Park, but only 2 have 2 or more people in them. The second is a statue of Hmong Warriors on the other side of the courthouse.

I Got a Brand New Bear-Friend

Team Fresno
Team Member Dana
Location: Oakhurst, Ca

On the way back from Yosemite we had to drive through Oakhurst, this bear was at one of their little shopping centers...Mark from Team Young was forced to turn around to get this picture. Next to this bear there was also a mountain lion. Team Young tried to get their bear, as there were many in Oakhurst however they were all brown :/

One is the Loneliest Number

Team Fresno
Team Member Dana
Location: Yosemite, Sentinel Dome

We went to Yosemite and climbed up this dome to find this lovely tree. Even though there are a lot of trees in the background, this one is by itself on top of the dome.